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Don’t send another beat until you read this Action Plan. This guide helps you create a plan to send tracks to Major artists and have a much better chance to be taken seriously and given an opportunity to take your music production career to new levels.



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    Product Description

    [Excerpt of Step 1]


    You can produce for anyone.

    But you can’t produce for everyone.

    So how do you decide which artist you should send your tracks to?

    Are you nice with Trap beats? Good at writing melodies? Got those sick drum cadences and grooves?

    Pick your artists based on your strongest skill set. No reason to swim upstream.

    Music business is all about efficiency and productivity. The more beats you can make, and the faster you can make them, the more you up your chances of being placed or even simply discovered. At this point it becomes purely a numbers game.

    You can be good at many styles of production, or have a personal favorite, but that shouldn’t keep your best style from being your focus of your music production effort. You may not listen to Mumble Rap or Trap Rappers, but shoot, if you can crank out beats at a higher rate and have a bigger audience of potential clients helping you get your name out there faster, maybe business acumen isn’t your primary issue.


    At some point you have to put aside your ego and look at the numbers. If your favorite artist isn’t selling records, what do you think his budget is going to be for music production? Now add in you being a new producer without much for credits and the amount of free beats available on the internet. See what I mean?

    Approach each artist with the mindset of the artist’s music manager or an label A&R.  These guys are looking for the tracks to match their artist’s established style. And surely, they may adjust or change their style if your beat inspires the artist to do so. But safe to say, you’re better off going with what works and not try to “experiment” too too much.